NEXUS Magazine 111 February 2024-March 2024

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NEXUS magazine is one of the oldest alternative magazines in which topics away from the mainstream are highlighted. The magazine has existed in its original English-language edition since 30 years And has also been available in German since 2005.

Each issue contains exciting and insightful topics of the Alternative medicine , Suppressed Research and findings , Energy generation And political contexts of those in the mainstream are not mentioned.

A source for broadening horizons.

Topics in this issue:

  • The earth orbit as a data memory: Big Brother is moving into space
  • The Great Pyramid of Giza
  • Mind control in the UFO scene
  • Memory of international law
  • Gardening with electropermaculture
  • Darwin vs. Microbiology-Superior Survival
  • News from the rainmaker: sphere harmony
  • Intelligence communication with aliens

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