Neutrinocraft® Station S

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The Neutrinocraft® Station S is a compact & mobile version of the Neutrinocraft Station and serves as a transmitter and receiver for neutrino energy.

With the Neutrinocraft Station, an increase in the neutrino energy density in the active radius is achieved, which has far-reaching advantages for the environment.

The neutrino energy collected by our unique design is directed through the copper tube into an area in the vicinity in order to achieve the highest possible interference with electronically generated electrosmog with natural means.

Function & Dealing

The strength and power of Neutrinocraft ®Station S lies in its mobility and flexibility . Through these dynamics [, the energy field generated is difficult to scan , whereby a counter-polarization of geo-engineering is difficult.

Will the Neutrinocraft® Station S, on the other hand, used statically, the effect can be weaker. For static work in the house or garden, we recommend the much stronger Neutrinocraft® Station Metatron or Unity.


that. 1km without pipe extension (lower atmosphere)

that. 2,5km with 1m pipe extension

What affects the range:

Depending on the environmental potential and electrosmog, solar activity (e. g. Winter/summer), temperature can reduce the effect and range of Neutrinocraft® Station S are influenced.

A large city loaded with radio radiation does not necessarily have to have a negative effect-regions exposed to electrosmog in particular react very positively to an increase in the natural neutrino density.

Our online course on advanced handling of neutrinocraft stations in different weather conditions will follow shortly.

Neutrino Guide Lines

This Neutrinocraft® Station is provided with unique guide lines. The hexagonal rotor-shaped structure serves the incoming neutrinos as fixed guide lines-they run spirally right-turning upwards.

Accessories Optional ( not included )

1m copper pipe 28mm

28mm copper connection sleeve


  • Total height: 20cm
  • Tube diameter: 28mm
  • Tube length: 20cm
  • Pedestal width: 7.7 cm
  • Weight: 0.5 kg


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