Scalar Chembuster® Unity

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The Skalar Chembuster ® Unity has been specially designed to eliminate interference and harmonize the immediate environment and the local atmosphere . The accumulated energies are focused through the copper tube in a certain area in the atmosphere in order to achieve the highest possible suppression of electrosmog there.

Electrosmog from the global radar networks of the aerospace industry blocks the natural flow of energy in the atmosphere over a large area, which can lead to storms, technical cloud formation and unnatural weather periods in many countries around the world. If this electrosmog is suppressed over a large area, the following observations can occur:

  • More balanced weather in your area
  • Less storms
  • Softer rain
  • More light & hours of sunshine
  • Transforms chemical components of aircraft exhaust
  • More natural clouds
  • More natural winds due to less stagnation
  • Increased insects & birds
  • Increased plant growth
  • No technical maintenance required

Range of the directed scalar energy field:

>30km on a visible level with a pipe length of approx. 3m

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Each scalar chembuster is a handmade one-off - Slight optical deviations are therefore possible.

Optical quality & deviations

In the production of our Skalar Chembuster®, small optical defects can occasionally occur - these can be:

Air bubbles, light scratches, unevenness in the finish glaze, unfavorable distribution of the gold leaf/silver or similar.

Since the energy accumulation and effect is unaffected , we are making these specimens available at a reduced price.

When ordering, please indicate whether you want original or B-quality.


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