Neutrinocraft® Pyramid

size: 13cm edge length
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Neutrinocraft® Pyramids serve for the energetic Order and Vitalization of the environment.

Due to the special nature of the metal-mineral-matrix©, a broadband fractal system is being created in the environment, which has a variety of beneficial effects:


Effect on electrosmog

The energy field of Neutrinocraft® Pyramid exerts a constructive influence on the athermic * parts of the electrosmog in the area.

Parallelisation is taking place and thus calming down the technically polarized electromagnetic (EMF) waves. The result being they run through the energy sector much more quiet and less influencial on biology.

Since a Neutrinocraft® Pyramid does not affect the thermal waves, you are still able to use the advantages of your cell phone and wireless network.

Through this Advanced structuring The electromagnetic radiation can pass through biological tissue much calmer and far more harmless. Electro-sensitive people in particular perceive more calm in the energy sector.

We have designed our products to improve the recovery Effect of nature To bring you home. The harmonization of electrosmog is only a small part of the complex effects of neutrinocraft®Pyramids.

The resulting fractal vertebrae of a neutrinocraft®Pyramids can also be observed in the sky in due weather conditions. Animals and insects also react positively to the energetic reorganization in the area of action.

* The athermic (scalar) proportion has the greatest influence biological tissue and cell communication. For this reason, the focus of advanced harmonization is on this part of the electromagnetic waves.


Effect on people & animals *

The effects of the ordered energy vortex reported by customers include the following effects:

  • Stabilizes your own energy light body (3-6m)
  • Improves cell communication
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Sures self-healing powers
  • Can improve restful sleep (deeper & calmer)
  • Stabilizes mood swings

* Attention:

Neutrinocraft ® Products are not medical devices and do not replace treatment with medical professionals.


Information on field size

Near field (Harmonization of electrosmog)

Neutrinocraft®Pyramid with 13cm edge length ~ 3m radius around the device.

Neutrinocraft®Pyramid with 16cm edge length ~ 6m radius around the device.

Greater Area (Expansion of the subtle fractal vertebrae)

Neutrinocraft®Pyramid with 13cm edge length up to ~ 1.8 km

Neutrinocraft®Pyramid with 16cm edge length up to ~ 8.2 km



Due to the high range of the neutrinocraft®Pyramid can often be observed that there are positive changes in the weather in the center of the field . In addition, highly oscillating energy has an almost loss-free effect through matter and objects (walls, doors, roofs, etc.). Due to these two properties, positive weather changes are therefore often observed above the pyramids, despite the fact that they are placed in the interior.


Details on how it works

Our metal minerals matrix©, Is able to change the EM biopotential within the Whittaker waves of the quantum vacuum in the active range in such a way that it is constructively activated. Destructive wave structures are generally known for biological tissue as well as Cell Communication Negatively affect while constructive waves cell communication and Regeneration Promote and the body Vitalize.

Construction & Material

Neutrinocraft®Pyramids consist of 22 finely tuned metallic and crystalline components. These include rock crystal, tourmaline, copper, 24k real gold & silver, amethyst, disthen, noble schungite from Karelia, epoxy resin and specially coordinated monoatomical elements from the platinum group. Together they make up our unique metal mineral matrix©.

Fibonacci Guide Lines

Every neutrinocraft®Pyramid is provided with a Fibonacci engraving. The information of the golden ratio of 1,618 is induced directly into the neutrino field, whereby its order and harmony also acts in the field.

The Golden Ratio

The golden ratio of 1,618 was discovered by the Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci and describes a special ratio of distances to one another. It is a recurring pattern in nature and is characterized by harmony and order. The dimensions of the golden ratio can be found both on the human body and in the flora and planetary bodies.

Through the Fibonacci engravings on our neutrinocraft®Pyramids, an entanglement to this system of order of nature is created.


Legally necessary notice

The products and details about or about specific products have not been evaluated by the drug agency and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All of the information listed is for informational purposes only and does not replace the advice of your physician or other health care professional or information contained on or in a product label or packaging. You should not use the information on our websites to diagnose or treat health problems or as a substitute for medications or other treatments prescribed by your doctor or healthcare provider. You should always consult a doctor or health professional before starting a diet, exercise or dietary supplement program, before taking any medications or supplements, or if you have or suspect you may have a health problem. Every human being is different, and the way you respond to a particular product can be significantly different from how other people respond to such a product. You should always consult your doctor or health care professional for medical matters.

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