Scalar Chembuster® ToGo

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The Skalar Chembuster® ToGo is used for mobile suppression and harmonization of the immediate environment and can be used flexibly on the go :

  • More balanced weather in your area
  • Softer rain
  • More light & hours of sunshine
  • Transforms chemical components of aircraft exhaust
  • More natural clouds
  • More natural winds due to less stagnation
  • Increased insects & birds
  • Increased plant growth
  • No technical maintenance required

function & handling

The strength and power of the Skalar Chembuster® ToGo lies in its mobility and flexibility . Due to this dynamic , the generated scalar field can only be scanned with difficulty , which makes counter-polarization of geoengineering difficult.

However, if the Skalar Chembuster® ToGo is used statically, the effect can be weaker. For static work in the house or garden, we recommend the much stronger Skalar Chembuster ® Unity or Skalar Chembuster ® Unity MS.


approx. 1-2km without pipe extension (lower atmosphere)

approx. 4km+ with 2m+ pipe extension

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Optical quality & deviations

In the production of our Skalar Chembuster®, small optical defects can occasionally occur - these can be:

Air bubbles, light scratches, unevenness in the finish glaze, unfavorable distribution of the gold leaf/silver or similar.

Since the energy accumulation and effect is unaffected , we are making these specimens available at a reduced price.

When ordering, please indicate whether you want original or B-quality.


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