5G radiation protection winter hat anti-electrosmog women and men

Color: navy blue
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NEW! From November 2023

The Wetteradler 5G radiation protection winter hat for shielding and cushioning from electrosmog even in the cold season.

The perfect Christmas gift for friends and family. Warm and safe through the winter!

Only limited quantities!


The Wetteradler 5G radiation protection winter hat measurably reduces radiation exposure from cell phones, WiFi, laptops, cell phone towers, weather frequencies and 5G by a factor of 10. Can be verified with common measuring devices.

Tested shielding of common mobile communications, 5G and radar frequency ranges. High efficiency. Efficiency of 99.9% shielding effectiveness (~50 dB). Tested up to 10GHz.

Frequency range (measured)

800MHz – 10 GHz ( incl. 5G )

Video: Radiation protection cap in the test

Quality & Material

Inside and outside 100% cotton. Inside 360° high-quality silver fabric.

Conductivity metals

High tolerance

For products that are intended for direct physical contact, we consciously avoid allergy-causing or health-threatening substances such as aluminum, nickel, zinc, lead, copper or steel and therefore only use the best, high-precision silver material.


Our winter hat is a uniform unisex size.


Durability of the material depending on the use.


For women, men and children aged 12 and over (head circumference)


Hand wash with warm water without soaking.

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