Scalar Vitalplatte®

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Wetteradler Skalar Vitalplatte ® for organizing and structuring water and fruit.
  • Structures water crystals hexagonally by continuously creating scalar micro-vortices
  • Hexagonal water crystals carry constructive information for more cell vitality
  • Improves plant growth on and in a radius of approx. 1m around the Vitalplatte®
  • Slower decay of fruit within the scalar energy field
  • Requires no power supply
  • Each vital plate is handcrafted to program only the highest vibrations

Construction & Material

The Skalar Vitalplatte® consists of 22 individual, finely tuned metallic and crystalline components. These include rock crystal, copper, 24k gold, silver, amethyst, shungite, epoxy resin and specially coordinated monoatomic elements of the platinum group. Together they form our unique Metal Mineral Matrix©.


Our metal mineral matrix© is able to change the biopotential within the Whittaker waves of the quantum vacuum in the effective area in such a way that it is constructively activated. Destructive wave structures are well known to negatively affect biological tissues, while constructive waves build and vitalize biology.

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