Scalar Pyramid® Air 16cm

Symbol: Arcturus
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Scalar Pyramids® are used for deeply effective harmonization of the living area . This device contains a particularly high proportion of monoatomic components. Due to the special nature of our metal mineral matrix in the lower area of ​​the pyramid, impressive cross-dimensional fractal systems are created in the living area, which have different effects and also work outside of space-time . Some of the recurring effects of the Scalar Pyramid® are listed in the product description. These fractal vortices can also be observed in the sky if the weather conditions are right. The animal world also loves this energy range and birds are increasingly dancing in the sky.

effect on electrosmog

Harmonization & structuring describes the constructive influence of the energy field of the Scalar Pyramid® on the athermal* part of the electrosmog in the environment. A parallelization and ordering of the surrounding electromagnetic (EMF) waves takes place, which means that they run through the energy range much more smoothly.

Since the Scalar Pyramid® has no influence on the thermal waves, you can continue to use the advantages of your mobile phone and WLAN as usual.

Due to this advanced structuring, the electromagnetic radiation can pass through biological tissue much calmer and much less harmful. Electrosensitive people in particular perceive more calm in the energy sector.

We have designed our products to bring the relaxing effect of nature into your home. The harmonization of electrosmog is only a small part of the complex effects of the Scalar Pyramid® . We invite you, read some amazing testimonials from our customers.

*The athermal (scalar) part has the greatest influence Biological tissue and cell communication. For this reason, the focus of advanced harmonization is on this part of the electromagnetic waves.

range information

Near field: Effective neutralization of electrosmog in ~6m radius around the device.

Scalar field: Extension of the subtle fractal system up to 8.2km


Due to the large range of the scalar field, it can often be observed that there are positive changes in the weather over the Scalar Pyramid ® . In addition, high-vibration scalar energy works through matter and objects (walls, doors, roofs, etc.) with almost no loss. Due to these two properties, therefore, positive weather changes are often observed above the pyramids, despite the fact that it is placed indoors.

Details on how it works

Our metal mineral matrix© is able to change the EM biopotential within the Whittaker waves of the quantum vacuum in the effective area in such a way that it is constructively activated. Destructive wave structures are well known to negatively affect biological tissue and cellular communication , while constructive waves promote cellular communication and regeneration and vitalize the body.

Construction & Material

Scalar Pyramiden® consists of 22 individual, finely tuned metallic and crystalline components. These include rock crystal, copper, 24k gold, silver, amethyst, shungite, epoxy resin and specially coordinated monoatomic elements of the platinum group. Together they form our unique Metal Mineral Matrix©.

Element Air - Heart Chakra

Color green

Location in the body: In the middle of the chest at heart level

Topics: love, trust, balance, devotion, pain, grief, forgiveness, karma, seat and gateway to the soul, life path

Important: All chakras are addressed with each pyramid. The respective element has an additional supporting effect of approx. 10% on the respective chakra.

Most commonly reported effects

  • Improves deep & restful sleep
  • Supports stress relief
  • Reduces negative effects (athermal) electromagnetic radiation including 5G
  • Helps raise energy levels
  • Prevents fatigue
  • Reduces mood swings
  • Reduces anger and frustration
  • Supports physical and emotional well-being
  • Improves meditation
  • Reduces jet lag
  • Disrupts geopathic stress zones
  • Improves social relationships
  • Slows down the aging process
  • Improves plant growth
  • Improves the homeopathic structuring of water
  • Often positive change in the weather in the effective area

Flower of Life energy symbol

The Flower of Life is an ornament on a hexagonal section of a triangular grid. At each lattice point, circles or circular arcs intersect around the six adjacent lattice points, so that adjacent lattice points are connected by lenses, ninety in number. At each inner grid point, six lenses touch like petals.

Like Metatron's cube, the flower of life unites the 5 platonic bodies of nature and thus shows the geometric "pattern of creation" of the universe. This pattern has been found in different cultures around the world for thousands of years.

Orderly patterns of creation

Orderly geometric patterns of creation can be found everywhere in nature - from flower petals to honeycombs to water crystals (also snowflakes). The reason nature favors these forms is because of their energetically favorable state. A circle and a sphere offer the lowest energy state since no energy is required to hold an edge or corner. The result is the circular number Pi. The circular number Pi, also Ludolph number, Ludolf number or Archimedes constant, abbreviated with the Greek lowercase letter \pi, is a mathematical constant that indicates the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. This ratio is the same for all circles, regardless of their size.

If two circles intersect, points of intersection are created which, when connected, create special angular degrees. If more circles are created at these intersections, a pattern begins to emerge that can be continued indefinitely. When these intersections are connected with circles, the pattern of the Flower of Life is revealed. However, connecting the same dots with lines creates patterns like those of the Merkabah and the Metatronic Cube. These patterns run through all of nature, which is why one speaks of creation patterns.


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