DeVita AP Mini * Anti-Parasite and Detoxification

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Anti-Parasites & Detoxification

The DeVita AP Mini * Contributes to Protection Of the body before Exogenous pathogenic energy factors At and Cleans up the body Of waste and degradation products. The DeVita AP Mini is characterized by its compact, handy shape and resulting flexibility.


Bioresonance therapy is a method of complementary medicine that allows various functional problems and imbalances of the body Electromagnetic oscillations Be treated.

Organs, glands and many more Body Systems Have their own individual Basic vibration , This e.g. Health symptoms can occur due to parasites, toxins or other stress factors from the "tact".

Bioresonance can detect and correct these oscillation deviations or, in the case of parasites, neutralize them.

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About the manufacturer

For over 30 years and around 2.8 million. For customers worldwide, Deta-Elis stands for a holistic approach to maintaining health. In over 27 countries, Deta-Elis is making its technology available to people as a real alternative to the increasing health problems worldwide. One of the goals is to keep your own health in your hand again.

We at Wetteradler have successfully tested the DeVita AP Mini in practice and now want to make it available to our community.

* This device is a wellness product and not a medical device.

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